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28 January 2024

wsw 237 Richard A. Knaak - E237

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  • Exploring Magic Systems and Characters with Author Richard A. Knaak
  • Richard A. Knaak: Writing Fantasy and Creating Worlds


Livestreamed to YouTube and Rokfin on January 27th 2024.

and in the second part:

  • Peacock Noises, Virtual Reality, and the Impact of RPGs
  • Doodle Bears Face Tattoos, Rappi Ben Shapiro's Rap Career, Texas
  • The Concept of Overunity and the Importance of Resources


In this episode, the spiders interview author Richard Knaak, known for his work in the Dragonlance and Warcraft series. Spiders discuss his inspiration for the magic systems in his books and his upcoming projects. Spiders also talk about the role of necromancers and the complexity of characters in his stories. Richard shares his experiences as a player in tabletop role-playing games and his love for creating stories.

Richard A. Knaak discusses his writing process, his love for fantasy, and his various book series, including Dragonlance and Warcraft.

In the second part, the spiders discuss various topics including peacock noises, virtual reality, and the impact of fantasy role-playing games.

Then Spiders talk face tattoo doodle bears, Ben Shapiro's rap career, the Texas secession movement, and the concept of over-unity devices (free energy?). The spiders express skepticism towards some of these ideas.

Dr. Steven Greer presents "The Lost Century", which will expose the cost of the coverup to the planet, and the human race, and how we can reclaim control of our collective destiny. 

Spoiler: it's propaganda promoting human caused climate change with half truths, fear mongering, fatalism, and the hope that an ET alien race will give humans the gift of free energy.

Chapters --

(00:00:00) Introduction and discussion about Richard Natt's background and work

(00:14:11) Richard Knaak inspiration for the magic systems in his books

(00:30:47) Richard Knaak current projects and upcoming releases

(00:43:07) The complexity of characters and the role of necromancers in Richard Knaak stories

(00:56:23) Richard Knaak experiences as a player in tabletop role-playing games

(00:59:58) Richard talks about his early love for writing and typing.

(01:00:53) Richard discusses the phenomenon of writer's block in the fantasy genre.

(01:04:20) Richard explains how he maintains consistency in his stories and fills plot holes.

(01:07:37) Richard discusses the progression of his writing from lighter fantasy to more gritty works.

(01:44:17) Discussion about peacock noises

(01:45:30) Conversation about virtual reality and its impact

(02:25:03) Doodle bears (face tattoos)

(02:28:13) Ben Shapiro's rap career

(02:31:18) Texas secession movement

(03:02:47) Overunity devices

(03:14:02) Discussion about a UFO sighting and reporting

(03:15:30) Steven Greer's claims about saving the world with free energy

(03:20:39) The hosts' skepticism towards overunity and the need for efficient power systems

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