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01 October 2022

wsw 98 Sax and Kandy Korn, Ballmonsters. Corno for Cairo! - E98

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#98 Sax and Kandy Korn, Ballmonsters. Corno for Cairo [xH-adKcscD4].f140.m4a

Streamed live on Oct 1, 2022

  • Bells {Curves or Palsy}, Mediocrity, and the Influence of Reality on Movies
  • Exploring the Year 1998: Technology, Sports, and Popular Culture
  • Pok√©mon 1998 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.
  • Speaking in Tongues: Authenticity and Skepticism
  • Scientology, Stephen King, and Favorite Movies
  • Unveiling the Events and Topics of '98!


Audio recorded live Saturday nights and streamed to:


(00:37:11) Baseball in 1998

(00:45:51) Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton

(00:47:56) Isolation of Cuba

(00:50:57) The House of Lords decision on the British throne

(00:52:05) Russell j Gould and the last flag

(00:54:24) Sony's decision on Marvel character rights

(01:32:16) Symbolism of bells and their significance in various contexts

(01:53:00) The mediocrity of society and the impact on individual potential

(02:05:00) The influence of movies on our perception of reality

(02:14:06) Discussion about Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard

(02:15:11) Personal anecdotes about family members and their involvement with Dianetics

(02:16:33) Nostalgic conversation about Dianetics commercials in the late 1990s

(02:40:00) ~intermission~

(03:40:11) Discussion about speaking in tongues and the different interpretations

(03:42:00) tongues, speaking in (glossolalia)

(03:44:21) Personal experiences and observations of people speaking in tongues

(03:45:53) Comparison to other spiritual experiences and the role of interpretation

(03:45:56) Discussion on the formulaic nature of spiritual experiences

(03:46:23) Shared psychosis and the belief in something that becomes real

(03:47:39) The levels and empowerment of speaking in tongues

(03:53:23) The false empowerment of martial arts and spiritual experiences

(04:06:28) The importance of individual spiritual paths and the dangers of group dependence

(04:19:03) Discussion on circumcision and its religious significance

(04:26:06) The role of the feminine in creation and the importance of balance

(04:28:59) The search for spiritual authenticity and the individual's unique experience

(04:30:13) The subjective nature of morals and how they change over time

(04:32:09) The splintering of language and communication in society

(04:39:49) The post-employment economy and the loss of purpose

(05:10:00) toroids, wheels within wheels

(05:15:59) Discussion on the integration of masculine and feminine energies

(05:23:14) Exploration of the concept of the Mandelbrot set and its connection to the episode's topic

(05:36:02) Importance of sharing and empowering others with this knowledge

(05:59:05) Fractal linearity and its application to life

(06:00:34) Symbolism of the EPCOT ball

(06:03:08) Exploring feminine and masculine energies

In this episode, the hosts discuss various topics including the year 1998, technology, sports, and popular culture. We also mention the Unabomber, Monica Lewinsky, and the release of Windows 98.

In this episode, the hosts discuss various events and topics from the year 1998, including political events, movies, music, and personal anecdotes.

The episode covers various topics including the symbolism of bells, the mediocrity of society, and the influence of movies on our perception of reality.

In this episode, the hosts discuss various topics including Scientology, Stephen King's works, and their favorite movies of all time.

The episode discusses various topics including speaking in tongues, the authenticity of the experience, and the skepticism surrounding it.

The episode discusses the concept of spiritual experiences and the authenticity of different religious practices. The speakers explore the idea of finding one's own spiritual path and the importance of individual interpretation. They also touch on topics such as circumcision and the role of the feminine in creation.

The episode discusses the balance between subjective reality and objective reality, the importance of personal responsibility, and the potential dangers of virtualization and virtual worlds.

The episode discusses the concept of alchemy and the integration of masculine and feminine energies. The hosts explore the idea of a unified field and the power of understanding and utilizing universal principles. They also touch on the importance of sharing this knowledge and empowering others.

The episode discusses the concept of fractal linearity and how it can be applied to understanding life and making the right choices. The hosts also explore the symbolism of the EPCOT ball and the connection between the feminine and masculine energies.