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weaving spiders webs

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19 January 2024

wsw 39 SB Alger drops in for a L’il Bohemian Pow-Wow - E39

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Originally streamed live on July 17, 2021

  • Exploring Hoarding, Live Streaming, and Internet Surveillance
  • Guitars, Spirituality, and the Influence of Music
  • Music, Tarot, and the Power of Divination
  • Identity, Acceptance, and the Dangers of Conformity
  • Humor, Magic, and Personal Stories

#39 SB Alger drops in for a L’il Bohemian Pow-Wow

Streamed live on Jul 17, 2021

In this episode, the hosts and their guest engage in a conversation covering a wide range of topics and personal stories. They start by discussing the speaker's experiences with hoarding and the significance of physical items in preserving history. The conversation then shifts to the speaker's past live streaming shows and the fear of being watched by family members. They also delve into the current state of the internet and the potential surveillance of text messaging. The speaker shares recent experiences with a men's yoga group, a hiking trip, and a jam session with fellow musicians. The hosts and guest also explore the idea of reuploading content and creating a mystery science theater-style commentary on old shows.
The hosts take the lead in this episode, covering various subjects such as guitars, sports, and shilling. They also mention an analysis of a podcast episode transcript. The discussion includes technical difficulties, music, and personal experiences with religion and music. The speakers touch on topics like synchromysticism, spiritism, and the influence of certain musicians.
This episode features a lively conversation about music, tarot cards, and personal experiences. The speakers share stories about their encounters with music, tarot readings, and their family backgrounds. They also discuss their ambidextrous abilities and their interest in various forms of divination.
In this episode, the hosts engage in a thought-provoking discussion on music, identity, and internet culture. They emphasize the importance of self-acceptance and caution against demanding conformity from others.
The hosts have a casual and humorous conversation in this episode, covering topics such as animism, sigil magic, and Catholic revivals. They share personal stories, jokes, and exchange thoughts on different organizations and beliefs.
This episode delves into astrology, insurance fraud, and the influence of media on our perception of reality. The hosts explore the upcoming space flight of 18-year-old Oliver Damon and the significance of his name. They also mention the participation of 82-year-old woman Wally Funk. The discussion includes their thoughts on space tourism and a brief mention of the movie Black Widow.