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17 May 2024

wsw 252 - E252

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Streamed live on May 11, 2024 as #wsw 252 expulsions of dizzy legizzy battlites
With Joe & Jen LegitBat
Talking Flattoberfest, the idea of starting a mystery school, stereotypes, gender differences, and recount a hilarious exchange between a Nigerian interviewer and a transgender activist.



Audio recorded live Saturday nights and streamed to:


(00:00:30) Introduction of friends Jen and Joe from Legit Bat

(00:01:45) Discussion about the challenges faced with a stolen truck and the community support received

(00:03:13) Humorous anecdotes about pets and their behaviors

(00:08:36) Exploration of the recent sightings of the Aurora Borealis and related social media trends

(00:46:26) Discussion about appearance changes and the idea of morphing one's look through technology

(00:47:38) Personal experience shared about receiving feedback on clothing choice at a speaking event

(00:48:36) Conversation about personal grooming habits and hygiene practices

(01:15:37) Opinions on the Coachella festival and the desire for recon to observe the event atmosphere

(01:17:41) Introduction to Flattoberfest and its location discussions

(01:18:34) Discussion about starting a mystery school and alternative education

(01:20:04) Exploration of polarized filters and observations on a second sun phenomenon

(01:21:23) Conversation on societal issues, racism, and gender identity

(02:24:42) Exploration of synchro mysticism and patterns in daily life

(02:26:58) Reflections on societal norms, societal expectations, and individual perspectives

(02:27:02) Discussion on Eurovision, cultural differences, and the controversy surrounding certain entries

(02:27:05) Discussion on societal issues and lack of consensus

(02:28:40) Debate on gun laws and regional differences in California

(02:35:09) Conversation about Bohemian Grove and conspiracy theories

(03:04:18) Discussion about dealing with baldness and shaving heads

(03:06:00) Experience with using DMSO and its effects on allergies

(03:08:10) Observations on plant growth after wildfires and excess moisture

(03:23:15) Humorous interactions with pets, including cats and ferrets

(03:37:59) Anecdotes about a cat stealing bones and hiding them around the house

(03:38:25) Discussion about kittens, feeding time, and the behavior of pets

(03:39:01) Stories about pets wanting food, sharing pizza, and behaviors like stealing food


In this episode, we engage in a casual conversation among friends covering a wide array of topics. From recent experiences to historical figures' appearances, and even humorous interactions with pets, our discussion is filled with laughter and insights.

Throughout the episode, we delve into struggles with staying on topic, experiences with presentations, appearance alterations, and engaging in speaking events. Join us as we share stories about our pets, attending Coachella, and memorable interactions with people from different places.

Exploring further, we touch on Flattoberfest, the idea of starting a mystery school, stereotypes, gender differences, and recount a hilarious exchange between a Nigerian interviewer and a transgender activist.

Our conversation also delves into Eurovision, cultural disparities, sleep apnea, and personal anecdotes that shed light on various aspects of life, relationships, and societal viewpoints.

Additionally, we cover topics like synchronicity, societal norms, gun laws, societal unity, Bohemian Grove conspiracy theories, Ishtar and Easter symbolism, and the effects of fame on individuals who compromise. We also share thoughts on voting, climate change, and the significance of leading a self-sufficient life, all while sprinkling in humorous discussions on renaissance fair costumes, haircuts, and masculinity.

Lastly, we share amusing stories about pets, including dogs, cats, and ferrets, highlighting their quirky behaviors with drugs and food.

In this episode, we engage in a casual conversation among friends, exploring a variety of topics ranging from recent experiences to political and historical figures, and even the antics of pets. The dialogue meanders through light-hearted discussions on the Aurora Borealis, attractive politicians, and amusing pet behaviors. We delve into appearance changes, personal experiences, naming pets, and attending festivals like Coachella. The conversation takes unexpected turns, touching on controversial subjects such as underage involvement in adult industries. From Flattoberfest to starting a mystery school, alchemy experiments, polarized filters, and societal issues like racism and gender identity, we cover a wide array of topics with humor and wit. Reflecting on Eurovision, cultural differences, synchro mysticism, and societal norms, we share personal anecdotes and observations on life, relationships, and current events, exploring the complexities of human behavior and societal expectations. Delving into societal issues, political opinions, historical references, and personal stories, we discuss masculinity, hair length as a status symbol, and the historical significance of long hair. We touch on self-reliance, living a rougher lifestyle for perspective, and infuse the conversation with humor, pop culture references, and shared personal experiences. The episode also features a humorous exploration of pets, from drug use to ferrets and cat personalities, adding a light-hearted touch to the discussion. We wrap up with funny anecdotes about pets like cats, dogs, ferrets, and their behaviors, while hinting at future meetups and the evolving relationships between hosts and guests.

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