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weaving spiders webs

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16 April 2024

wsw 246 - E246

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Derek Bartolacelli, Leslie Powers, John Roeland and Spiders discuss:
  • Intersection of Spring, Holidays, and Personal Responsibility
  • Layers of Objective and Subjective Reality
  • The Impact of Technology on Spirituality and Human Connection
  • Insights on Rural Living, Technology, and Media Influence
  • The Evolution of Art, Desire, and Identity in the Digital Age


Derek Bartolacelli

Leslie Powers

John Roeland

Derek Bartolacelli, Leslie Powers, John Roeland and Spiders discuss:

Video wsw 246 was live-streamed on Saturday March 30 2024 to YouTube and Rokfin


Derek Bartolacelli Bitchute

We talk natural law, conscious hip hop, the impact of trauma, and the role of police in society.

In this episode, the hosts discuss various topics including hitting buttons, the arrival of spring, and their experiences with different guests. They also touch on the history of certain holidays and the importance of personal responsibility in building a better society.

The spectrum of objective and subjective reality, morality, and freedom. 

Language and culture shape our understanding of objective and subjective reality, morality, and freedom. 

The effects of television babysitting, the failed Nickelodeon experiment (Disney channel is guilty too), the importance of community and communication, and the self-imposed limitations of individuals.

The episode discusses various topics including living in rural areas, the impact of technology, and the influence of media and AI. The speakers share their perspectives on these subjects.

The episode discusses the degradation of art due to the use of AI and instant gratification, the importance of desire in creating art, and the confusion around gender, identity, and gender identity.

Audio recorded live Saturday nights and streamed to:


(00:00:00) Hitting buttons and the importance of following instructions

(00:00:57) The arrival of spring and enjoying nature

(00:03:47) The history of holidays and their true meanings

(00:49:43) The importance of personal responsibility in building a better society

(00:59:12) Concept of natural law

(01:23:30) Conscious hip hop and its personal significance

(01:29:12) Impact of trauma on individuals and society

(01:44:44) SB Jumps In

(01:45:15) Police in society and their ineffectiveness

(01:50:21) Introduction to natural law and spirituality

(01:52:20) Health freedom movement

(01:56:05) Educating people about natural law

(01:59:20) subjective and objective nature of truth, reality, and morality

(02:08:00) challenges of being your own bank and the subjective nature of currencies

(02:19:31) how language shapes our understanding of subjective and objective reality

(02:28:43) The impact of language on our perception of hindrances and freedom

(02:35:26) relationship between language, consciousness, and responsibility

(02:36:26) disclosure of information and the role of the internet

(02:37:57) Discussion about the impact of technology on spirituality

(02:39:01) Known negative effects of television

(02:43:12) Importance of community and communication

(03:05:06) Self-imposed limitations of individuals

(03:23:14) Living in rural areas and the benefits of going rural

(03:24:22) The impact of technology and the role of AI

(03:28:42) The influence of media and the changing landscape of entertainment

(04:08:43) The degradation of art due to AI and instant gratification

(04:09:35) The importance of desire in creating art

(04:10:00) hot and vibrating

(04:15:12) Confusion around gender and identity