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19 February 2024

wsw 240 Grimerica - E240

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wsw 240 Grimerica

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#wsw 240 Not Your Grandparents Paranormal Conspiracy

Streamed live on Saturday February 17th 2023.

  • From UFO Sightings, Kundalini Experiences, and Reiki to Action
  • Navigating the Digital Landscape: Politics, Social Media, and Free Speech
  • Controversial Jokes, Banned Audiobooks, and Power Dynamics in Society
  • Financial Challenges, Technology, and the Impact on Today's Generation
  • From Pre-Code Silent Movies to Nudity in Every Media



AdultBrain Audiobook Publishing on YouTube

The Art of Occult Symbols - The Lost Language of Symbolism Audiobook by Harold Bayley


Audio recorded live Saturday nights and streamed to:


In this episode, we dive into various topics including the popularity of certain books, mispronunciations in audiobooks, and the transition from silent movies to movies with sound. We also explore European attitudes towards nudity and the use of nipples in media.

In this episode, we delve into controversial jokes, the banning of our audiobooks, and the Indian Act in Canada. We also explore the political landscape and the power dynamics in society.

We explore various topics in this episode, including hog farms, Canadian bacon, animal hybridization, intelligent design, and the power of intention. We share personal experiences with UFO sightings, Kundalini experiences, and Reiki. Throughout, we emphasize the importance of having a clear goal and a positive mindset in manifesting desired outcomes.

In this episode, we cover various topics including politics, social media, free speech, and the state of the world. We discuss the challenges of expressing oneself online, the erosion of free speech, and the polarization of society. Additionally, we touch on the role of social media platforms in shaping public discourse and the impact of AI-generated content. Our conversation highlights the need for open dialogue and the importance of critical thinking in navigating the digital landscape.

In this episode, we discuss our experiences with financial challenges and the importance of perseverance. We also talk about the impact of technology and social media on today's generation.

In this episode, we explore the value of rock stars, the effects of consuming certain substances, the adaptability of the human body, and the challenges of dealing with insurance companies.

(00:00:00) Introduction and discussion about the title of the show

(00:14:37) Conversation about the challenges of crossing the border into Canada

(00:16:20) Rising cost of living in Canada

(00:52:33) Telling Politicians to Off Themselves

(00:55:28) Grimerica Audio Books Banned?

(01:04:06) Discussion about the Indian Act in Canada and the research behind the book

(01:19:00) The power dynamics in society and the influence of big corporations

(01:28:30) Hog farms and Canadian bacon

(01:29:01) Animal hybridization and genetic experiments

(01:36:30) The power of intention and manifestation

(02:04:23) The hosts discuss the impact of debt on people's lives.

(02:05:34) John McAfee and his advice to chase your dreams

(02:08:09) Decline in work ethic and motivation among young people

(02:41:15) Why are some books more popular?

(02:42:08) mispronunciation of words in narrated audiobooks

(02:48:52) Discussion about the transition from silent movies to movies with sound

(03:12:53) The Nipple Keeps Score

(03:17:20) The value of rock stars and personal experiences with consuming them

(03:18:10) adaptability of the human body

(03:20:16) Discussion about evolving and spreading Grimerica podcast

(03:22:15) Don't give up YouTube presence

(03:26:00) True Value of trucks and dealing with insurance companies

(03:37:14) Get off your ass and do something about it



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