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12 February 2024

wsw 239 Virtues of Vultures or Boat Gittied Titch - E239

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wsw 239 Virtues of Vultures or Boat Gittied Titch

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Recorded live on Saturday February 10th 2024 on the Chinese New Moon New Year.

  • The Radio Tower Heist and Kanye West's Album
  • Geopolitics, Bitcoin, and the Future of American Politics
  • Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and the Popularity of Books
  • The Influence of the Illuminati and the John Birch Society
  • Boundaries, Food Shortages, and Dependency on Corporations


Mentioned on wsw 239:

Riley Waggaman on Real Russia, Derrick Broze talks Fluoride Trial, Texas Slim


‘What do you mean, the tower is gone?’: thieves steal 200ft structure from Alabama radio station

Small radio station forced to go silent after ‘unbelievable’ theft of giant tower, which would cost over $100,000 to replace





(00:00:02) Thieves steal radio tower in Alabama

(00:01:06) FCC orders station to go off the air

(00:01:31) Station cannot afford to replace tower

(00:03:06) Discussion about Kanye West's new album

(00:06:05) Discussion about potential censorship of technology

(00:21:48) End of Music Intro Show Begins with Steve AMWAKEUP SLOWNEWSDAY

(00:43:10) Carl Tuckerson interviews Putin, Cartoon Tucker

(01:05:58) Sweden ends Nord Stream investigation, Germans suffer

(01:07:24) The role of the Illuminati and the John Birch Society

(01:49:23) Speculation on the future of American politics and a one-term presidency for Joe Biden

(01:49:45) Patagonia lifetime guarantee!

(01:58:00) Kanye West and his lyrics turning to ass

(02:00:00) Taylor Swift and her rise to infamy

(02:04:35) Super Bowl emotional programming beware!

(02:39:04) Dependency on corporations and community support

(02:39:53) Food shortages during coronavirus

(02:41:12) Agrochemical companies and weed killers are killing everything

(02:46:58) Boundaries Matter and Keep Your Bedroom Locked and Secured

Audio recorded live Saturday nights and streamed to:


In this episode, we talk about a bizarre incident in Alabama where thieves stole a radio tower, causing a small radio station to go off the air. The FCC then orders the station to shut down its FM transmitter as well. Unfortunately, the station is not insured and cannot afford to replace the tower. We also dive into discussions about Kanye West's new album and the potential censorship of technology. 

 This episode covers a wide range of topics including the Nord Stream pipeline, geopolitics, and the influence of the Illuminati. We explore the role of Bitcoin and the John Birch Society, and speculate on the future of American politics, including the possibility of a one-term presidency for Joe Biden. 

 Join us as we delve into various subjects such as Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Super Bowl commercials, and the growing popularity of books among Gen Z. We also touch on the importance of boundaries and discuss topics like dependency on corporations, food shortages, and agrochemical companies. Tune in to hear our thoughts and experiences on these fascinating subjects.

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