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weaving spiders webs

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24 April 2024

wsw 221 Wayne McCroy - E235

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Streamed live on September 23, 2023

Navigating the Modern Occult Realms and Digital Amusements
Unveiling Cybernetics to Pickleball Truths
Technic Trends and Cosmetric Connections
Albino Deer in Anime
Astrology, Cults, and Rabbit Archetype Mysteries

weaving spiders welcoms 221 Wayne McRoy



(00:00:00) Lucifer, Prince of the Air

(00:19:00) social isolation, fear of missing out

(00:33:00) synchronistic metadata, predictive programming, manipulation of information by dark occultists.

(00:57:00) significant dates, Chinese New Year symbolism, potential occurrence of events based on synchronistic patterns.

(01:01:22) Discussion on conspiracy culture and truth movement

(01:02:06) Importance of individual discernment and doing personal research

(01:03:41) Speculation on the nature of those instituting plans and agendas

(01:05:15) Impact of science fiction on societal programming and future predictions

(01:07:09) Discussion on artificial intelligence, deepfakes, and challenges in discerning reality

(01:15:35) transhumanism, human creativity, and the merging of man with machine

(01:36:12) potential societal implications of programmable digital currency

(01:48:01) Conversation on societal divisions, self-sustainability, and future outlook

(01:50:25) pickleball and its popularity among certain age groups

(02:00:02) Exploration of the best pickle experiences and the enjoyment of pickles

(02:36:42) Conversation about the French Revolution, pickles, and diuretics

(02:43:42) Discussion on albino and melanated deer, squirrels, and their rarity

(02:44:47) Observations on animal behaviors and interactions in the neighborhood

(02:45:55) Conversations on white squirrels, albino animals, and their existence

(02:47:16) cats, toxoplasmosis, and diseases related to living in close proximity

(02:48:23) evolutionary advantages, behaviors of rodents, and social habits of mice

(02:49:28) mice behavior and human social parallels, experiments and observations

(02:51:30) Disney CEO's statements, theme parks, and entertainment industry

(03:05:00) Netflix DVD service, historical context, and predictions for its discontinuation

(03:11:21) memories associated with physical media

(03:19:48) wild game dinners, hunting, and community meals

(03:22:35) wild hunt, Odin's cavalcade, and spiritual beliefs

(03:26:25) Predictions for future events, censorship, and societal challenges in 2024

(03:27:00) hopes for a new James Bond movie with creative title suggestions

(03:28:10) Discussion about Cyprus and under-the-table payments

(03:28:48) Transition into Libra season and astrology meanings

(03:29:48) Reference to spirits and judgment time before Samhain

In this episode, we delve into a fascinating array of topics ranging from cybernetics and occult teachings to the manipulation of information by dark occultists. Our discussion explores the significance of dates, Chinese New Year, the moon, and the rabbit archetype in relation to potential events. We also examine the impact of social media and content creation on individuals' lives, offering insights into the complexities of our digital age.

Furthermore, we tackle conspiracy culture, the truth movement, and the importance of individual discernment in navigating a world influenced by artificial intelligence, transhumanism, and digital currency. Our conversation delves into the implications of technology, societal control, and personal autonomy amidst rapidly evolving systems.

Adding a touch of humor and casual banter, we cover an eclectic mix of topics from pickleball to cucumber harvests, providing a light-hearted take on various subjects. From discussions on albino and melanated deer to Netflix DVD service and future predictions, our dialogue spans a wide range of intriguing themes.

Lastly, we explore astrology, James Bond films, cults, and anime, touching on themes of balance, prophecies, and the supernatural. Join us as we navigate through these diverse topics with curiosity and insight, uncovering connections and reflections on the world around us.

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