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10 March 2024

wsw 200 Michelle Gibson Thematic meme-o-matic dramatic HMS Reso-lootin' - E200

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Michelle Gibson discusses her research on ancient civilizations and the hidden history of the world. She explores topics such as ley lines, earth grids, and the deliberate rewriting of history. She also delves into the significance of the HMS Resolute desk in the White House and its connection to the hidden narrative.

  • Uncovering the Hidden History of Ancient Civilizations
  • Exploring the Mysterious Islands of the Northeastern United States
  • Montauk, Plum Island, and the Secrets of the Region
  • Spirituality, Ancient Civilizations, and Conspiracy Theories
  • Ancient Egyptian Chemistry and Metallurgy: Debunking Common Lies
"The controllers were shovel ready or had beings, human beings, maybe even shovel ready to start digging things out, enough infrastructure out so they could restart civilization and impose their new world order plans."

This episode explores the history and significance of various islands in the Northeastern United States, including Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, and Montauk Point. The transcript discusses the colonization of these islands, the wealthy families who own them, and the mysterious events and structures associated with them.
This episode explores various topics including the connection between Montauk, Plum Island, and Lyme disease, the presence of bio-weapons and research facilities in the area, the history of lighthouses and amusement parks on Long Island, and the significance of ley lines and alignments in the region.
The episode discusses various topics including spirituality, ancient civilizations, and conspiracy theories. The speakers touch on subjects such as ley lines, sacred geometry, the manipulation of time, and the cloning of celebrities. They also mention the importance of seeking spiritual guidance and the challenges of observing Ramadan.
In this episode, the speaker discusses his experiences in Egypt and his research on ancient Egyptian chemistry and metallurgy. He talks about the use of quartz-based stones, the production of chemicals, and the importance of understanding ancient chemistry. He also criticizes the idea of lost ancient high technology and emphasizes the need for scientific theories and research.
The episode discusses the speaker's experience living in Egypt and pursuing their passion for researching ancient structures. They talk about their tours, their belief in a higher power, and their connection to the desert and ancient civilizations.
In this episode, the host talks about his upcoming 2023 Egypt tour and the challenges he faces in the Egyptian summer. He also discusses the unique infrastructure and cultural practices in Egypt, such as the prepaid billing system and the fasting of Ramadan. The conversation then shifts to topics like humidity, the heat in different parts of the world, and the speaker's upcoming projects on the symbolism in Mario and Lovecraft in Hollywood.
The episode includes random conversations about cats, a podcast premiere, and a recommendation to subscribe to Loco Listens channel.

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(00:00:00) Time zones and daylight savings

(00:21:10) The deliberate cataclysm and the wiping out of the original civilization

(00:49:37) HMS Resolute and its connection to the White House

(00:58:22) geometry of Washington DC and its significance

(01:06:29) Philadelphia and the original research on the civilization and controllers

(01:07:53) Following up on comments and suggestions, and the co-creator process

(01:10:03) Peaceful worldwide civilization and the idea of depopulation

(02:03:21) Connection between Montauk, Plum Island, and Lyme disease

(02:04:11) Bio-weapons and research facilities on Plum Island

(02:06:15) Enclaves for the elites on Fishers Island

(02:08:07) Montauk Lighthouse and its alignments with astronomical events

(02:12:39) Brookhaven National Laboratory and its research on high energy physics

(03:00:16) Discussion on ancient civilizations and their knowledge

(03:01:17) Exploration of ley lines and sacred geometry

(03:02:43) Mention of the Hopi tribe and their beliefs

(03:04:10) Speculation on extraterrestrial beings and ancient mysteries

(03:05:15) Discussion on the manipulation of time and historical events

(03:08:09) Conversation about hidden islands and dinosaurs

(03:10:34) Exploration of the manipulation of religious texts

(03:12:30) Discussion on personal experiences and the power of individual voices

(03:19:26) Conversation about the manipulation of time and the importance of seeking spiritual guidance

(03:32:00) Discussion on the symbolism in tarot cards and the cloning of celebrities

(03:43:35) Discussion of experiences in Egypt and research on ancient Egyptian chemistry and metallurgy

(03:44:15) Importance of understanding ancient chemistry and the use of quartz-based stones

(03:48:17) Criticism of the idea of lost ancient high technology and the need for scientific theories and research

(04:26:43) Mining and extracting metals

(04:28:19) Mercury and gold processing

(04:31:14) Ancient civilizations in South America

(05:07:01) The host invites people to join his 2023 Egypt tour

(05:07:48) Discussion about the timing and details of the Egypt tour

(05:08:35) The host talks about the challenges of the Egyptian summer and his personal experiences

(05:44:14) Random conversations about cats

(05:45:46) Podcast premiere on Loco Listens channel

(05:46:58) Recommendation to subscribe to Loco Listens channel