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04 June 2024

weaving spiders 254 - E254

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Streamed live on May 25, 2024 as
#wsw 254 guacho memorialis kabosu sumertimus
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#wsw 254 spurlock should have eaten more

Benjamin Balderson's Rokfin

Diverse Conversations: From Homeless Camps to Music Experiences
Humorous Banter and Varied Topics: A Podcast Journey
Exploring Observations and Anecdotes: From Police Interactions to Softcore Cinema
From Vomit Incidents to Music Memories: A Lighthearted Podcast Episode
Insights and Laughter: Navigating Through Varied Conversations

(00:00:00) Start

(00:52:59) woman lives on grocery store roof inside sign

(00:55:23) dance shoulders

(00:56:29) Bible sizes and dancing the holy spirit gap

(00:57:15) Discussion about celebrities, organ meats, and the Mandela effect

(02:15:00) Arizona's no fun zones

(02:19:50) don't date court system

(02:20:50) Morgan Spurlock and his mansome handlebars

(02:24:13) government officials and distrust towards certain individuals

(02:26:32) Story about a professional golfer's unfortunate death

(02:48:53) Sharing of personal stories involving vomit incidents and humorous reactions

(03:00:47) Discussion on buying and pricing of hay

(03:01:25) Humorous idea of milking cows with an orangutan

(03:03:26) Challenges with pet adoption laws in California

(03:39:07) Music memories in rural Wyoming and Denver

(03:40:59) Discovery of Metallica and Slayer

(03:41:40) Different perspectives on teenage angst and high school experiences

- allen marcus


Homeless camps, police interactions, ladder trucks, pole dancing, Christian churches, dancing with the holy spirit, Bible sizes, organ meats, and more!

Spiders delve into discussions about Adam Schiff being censured, the state of Arizona, public urinals, the decline of San Francisco, sports teams relocating, the Steele dossier, and the impact of political decisions on businesses.

Our meandering weave is filled with humor and casual banter as we share stories about vomit incidents, mustaches, sales, and random observations, creating a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.

Spiders also touch on buying and pricing of hay, milking cows with an orangutan, challenges with pet adoption laws, experiences with cattle on the farm, conversations about boots and gloves sizes, watching Clockwork Orange, and reminiscing about softcore cinema

Additionally, Spiders discuss music experiences in different locations, from rural Wyoming to Denver, the impact of music on teenage angst, high school experiences, and the challenges of adolescence.