weaving spiders webs

weaving spiders webs

weaving spiders gather brilliant minds and explore culture

14 June 2024

weaving spiders 251 - E251

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Audio recorded live Saturday nights and streamed to:


(00:00:00) Introduction and casual conversation about the day and time

(00:01:00) Discussion about Free Comic Book Day and comic books

(00:02:00) Conversation about Twitter engagement and social media interactions

(00:03:00) Debate on the role of drones in warfare and the importance of boots on the ground

(00:04:00) Reflections on the upcoming election and political landscape

(00:05:00) Personal views on voting and political involvement

(00:56:08) Discussion on the historical figures Black Douglas and Frederick Douglass

(00:58:04) Exploration of voting rights for felons

(01:00:01) Conversation about the symbolism in Star Wars helmets

(01:40:01) Saudi woman sentenced to 11 years for social media posts advocating fitness and wellness

(01:42:43) Discussion on women's empowerment movement and international perceptions of American culture.

(01:44:19) Exploration of cultural exports like Coachella Music Festival and its impact.

(01:45:13) Analysis of societal shifts towards feminine and masculine ideologies leading to potential conflicts.

(01:46:45) Comparison of behaviors and ideologies between political spectrums and potential outcomes.

(02:20:27) Reflection on historical patterns of societal divisions and potential consequences.

(02:25:46) Discussion on a local political incident involving a city council member in Enid, Oklahoma.

(02:28:11) Observation on the impact of media coverage on local events and their significance.

(02:31:06) Recollection of past events related to cannabis legalization and festivals like the 7-10 Cup in Denver.

(02:33:27) Discussion on cannabis competitions and experiences

(02:36:03) Experience with cookies containing cannabis

(02:40:13) Conversation about the space race and rocket launches

(02:41:18) Exploration of the theory of rocket launches into the ocean

(02:45:03) Discussion on cattle mutilation and possible explanations

(03:07:26) Recollection of Gateway computer commercials and experiences

(03:12:50) Speculation on the use of cattle for military training exercises

(03:16:04) Insight into farm equipment costs and farming strategies

(03:19:49) Experimenting with white vinegar to affect chemtrails and clouds

(03:24:29) Humorous discussion on breaking clouds with the mind and pickle juice

(03:26:00) Conversation about animated films and special editions