weaving spiders webs

weaving spiders webs

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30 April 2024

weaving spiders 242 - E242

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Streamed live on March 2, 2024 as #wsw 242 Zach Zabala the Universe & U

  • The Healing Power of Nature and Wildlife Encounters
  • Exploring Politics, Education, and Alchemy
  • Finding Balance Between Materialism and Spirituality
  • Living in Rural Areas and Rewriting Information

#wsw 242 Zach Zabala the Universe & U



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In this episode, the hosts discuss various topics including the current state of politics, the education system, and the role of masculinity and femininity in alchemy. They also talk about their experiences with school lunches and share their thoughts on the importance of hands-on learning.

The episode discusses various topics including the balance between materialism and spirituality, the nature of the earth, and the interpretation of religious texts. The speakers share personal experiences and insights.

The conversation covers various topics including living in rural areas, privacy, country and western music, and the rewriting of information on the internet. The hosts also discuss societal norms around bodily functions like peeing and the hypersexualization and fear of germs associated with it.

The episode discusses various topics including theft, capitalism, communism, and the potential dangers of technology. The speakers share their thoughts and concerns about the current state of society and the implications of certain actions and decisions.

The episode discusses various topics including the healing power of nature, encounters with wildlife, and the importance of being in the world.

In this episode, the hosts discuss the controversial beliefs and teachings of Eeyore Bach, including his twisted cosmology and sexual rituals. They question the validity of his claims and highlight the dangers of following cult leaders.

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(00:00:03) Introduction and discussion about the current state of politics

(00:03:35) The hosts talk about the education system and the importance of hands-on learning

(00:27:08) Discussion about masculinity and femininity in alchemy

(00:56:24) Balance between materialism and spirituality

(00:57:05) Nature of the earth

(01:00:05) Interpretation of religious texts

(01:38:10) Living in rural areas and the loss of privacy

(01:48:10) Country and western music and its evolution

(02:03:14) Rewriting of information on the internet and the impact on society

(02:19:12) Discussion about theft and personal experiences

(02:20:03) Reflections on the limitations of jobs and the desire for expensive sports

(02:26:41) Conversation about the potential use of pain as a coercive measure in the legal system

(03:06:08) The healing power of nature

(03:06:57) Encounters with wildlife

(03:11:02) The experience of going on an adventure

(03:43:47) Discussion of Eeyore Bach's cosmology and sexual rituals

(04:12:01) Debate on the validity and intentions of Eeyore Bach's teachings

(04:19:47) Exploration of the potential symbolism and deeper meanings in Eeyore Bach's teachings