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25 March 2024

245 with Rose777 - E245

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  • Exploring Branding, Chickenpox, Lunar Eclipses, and the Political Landscape
  • Unraveling the Microsoft Explorer-Netscape Navigator Rivalry and the Influence of Media
  • Perception, Wheelchair Jousting, and a New Cafe for People with Disabilities
  • Insurance Issues, Metallica, and the Power of Sitting Up
  • Music, Parasites, Superstitions, and the Unexpected

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Weaving Spiders Webs
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wsw 245 rose of the crrow flys for spring

Balderson shares the story of a man named Ross Perot and his impact on the 1992 presidential election.

Katrina Johnson played Ross Perot - Earboy on Nickelodoen's All That

Around that time Microsoft Explorer-Netscape Navigator rivalry, pyramid schemes, and other fun memes were spreading.

The episode discusses various topics, including the perception of people with Down syndrome, wheelchair jousting, and the opening of a new cafe for people with disabilities.

The podcast episode covers various topics including insurance issues, the power of insurance companies, and the impact of insurance denials on individuals. The hosts also discuss Metallica's involvement with insurance and their reality show. They touch on the importance of standing up to insurance companies and fighting denials. The episode also includes conversations about music, movies, and societal issues.

In this episode, the hosts discuss various topics including music, parasites, and superstitions. They also touch on the concept of never drinking your own urine and the potential benefits of not spending money on "supplements". The conversation takes some interesting and humorous turns.

In this episode, the hosts discuss various topics including conspiracy theories, free energy, family secrets, and the role of Freemasonry. They also touch on the controversial actions of certain individuals and the challenges of growing a YouTube channel. The conversation is lighthearted and covers a range of subjects.

The episode discusses how people's behavior and speech patterns are influenced by the company they keep, with examples of teachers and prison guards. The conversation also touches on musicians who found religion and Christian entertainment.

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(00:00:00) branding ouch

(00:19:10) chickenpox and misdiagnosis

(00:28:00) lunar eclipses and cloud cover

(00:42:00) Ross Perot and his impact on the 1992 presidential election

(00:54:39) Microsoft Explorer-Netscape Navigator rivalry

(00:55:01) Changes in preloaded software and the Netscape Navigator involvement

(01:00:11) The influence of media on society

(01:53:44) Margaritas to celebrate Down Syndrome Day

(02:04:56) wheelchair jousting and the potential benefits

(02:08:55) new cafe to employee people with disabilities

(02:14:11) insurance companies claim they don't gotta pay

(02:39:08) Metallica's involvement with insurance and their reality show

(02:46:31) stand up to insurance companies and fight denials

(02:52:34) contradiction of rapping in the style of modern female rappers for Jesus

(02:53:12) favorite metal bands and the decline of Metallica

(02:55:08) personal experiences and stories about music and performances

(03:33:34) Conspiracy theories are free energy

(03:34:46) Family secrets hiding surnames

(03:40:38) Freemasonry and perception

(03:57:03) Controversial actions of certain individuals

(04:15:20) How people's behavior is influenced by the company they keep

(04:16:26) Discussion about Bob Dylan and his devilish facial hair

(04:18:23) entertainers who are "born again" again