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These conversations do not fall into a specific category, rather falls into a varied number of topics. To put it simply, conversations that go with the flow. Personally, I'm interested in psychology, science, health and fitness, bitcoin, nature, travel, business, technology, society, religion, politics, music and art. These conversations are with people who not only share similar interests but also their own unique interests, in the process introducing me to ideas, beliefs and teachings that I am oblivious of. Making them a learning experience for me and hopefully you.

27 April 2024

150 Daz Bea - Bitcoin 101 - S2E150

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150 Daz Bea - Bitcoin 101

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Daz Bea Co-founder @LookingGlassEDU and the Co-Author of B is for Bitcoin

 During this conversation, we discussed, 
- What is Money 
- What is bitcoin 
- How do bitcoins work!!! 
- How to acquire bitcoin 
- How to store bitcoin

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Outro - Ten Sats Commandments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnDC3uWjhlo 

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