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04 April 2023

CD98: Good Morning with David Bailey

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CD98: Good Morning with David Bailey

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TOPICS: Puerto Rico, Podcasting 2.0, Value for Value, AI, Barry Silbert Ran a Ponzi Scheme and Owes Billions, The Bitcoin Conference, The Taliban Adopting Bitcoin

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(00:04:02) Introduction and conversation with David Bailey

(00:09:51) Discussion on podcasting 2.0 and its impact

(00:30:11) The potential of AI and its relationship with Bitcoin

(00:39:01) Barry's creation of Bitcoin Trust and its impact

(00:40:13) Genesis lending desk and financing trade

(00:43:32) Closed-end fund structure and limitations

(01:17:43) Living in the shadow of Bitcoin 2019

(01:18:26) Goal of bringing back OG Bitcoiners

(01:19:29) Possibility of Jihan coming to the conference

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