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28 March 2023

CD97: Running Bitcoin Businesses with Dave Bradley

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CD97: Running Bitcoin Businesses with Dave Bradley

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TOPICS: Early Bitcoin, Founding Bull Bitcoin, Physical Spaces, Building The Bitcoin Well, Canadian Trucker Protest, Citadel Theory, Localism

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(00:06:10) Formation of Bull Bitcoin and Bitcoin Well

(00:26:33) Comparison between Bull Bitcoin and Bitcoin Well

(00:38:48) Collaborative custody and the importance of self-custody

(00:43:24) Issues with Prime Trust

(00:44:36) Importance of self-custody and regulated trust companies

(00:45:50) Rollout of Bitcoin Well in America

(01:26:13) The shift away from large-scale nation states

(01:28:30) The need for self-sustainable micro communities

(01:30:13) The importance of defensive tools for individual empowerment

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