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15 March 2023

CD94: Bank Crisis and Bitcoin with Jesse Myers

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CD94: Bank Crisis and Bitcoin with Jesse Myers

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(00:03:41) Supporting the show through donations and subscriptions

(00:04:31) Discussion on the current global bank crisis

(00:19:53) The impact of the crisis on Bitcoin and the importance of holding your own keys

(00:37:29) The role of social media in spreading information and panic during a crisis

(00:43:56) The lessons learned from the crypto market and the advantages of Bitcoin

(00:45:31) The current state of the global banking crisis and the risks involved

(00:46:02) The impact of interest rates on asset valuations

(00:49:31) The historical trend of interest rates and its effect on asset prices

(00:51:57) The changing economic climate and its impact on asset classes

(01:29:24) Michael Sailors and the risk of holding the entire treasury in Bitcoin

(01:29:57) Institutions and corporate accounts adopting Bitcoin

(01:31:11) The flip side of the treasury strategy and the argument for constant liquidity

(01:31:27) VCs and the potential for Bitcoin adoption

(01:33:18) The impact of permissionless finance on Bitcoin adoption

(01:33:59) The shift in Bitcoin's reputation over time

(01:34:47) The Fed's upcoming meeting and the expectation of a pivot

(01:39:06) The potential for hyperinflation and the role of Bitcoin

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