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24 February 2023

CD92: Mandibles with Lionel Shriver

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CD92: Mandibles with Lionel Shriver

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TOPICS: Lionel Shriver is the author of The Mandibles - a book set in the United States in 2029 during a debt crisis that results in hyperinflation and economic collapse.

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(00:03:20) Introduction to the show and guest

(00:08:44) Discussion on the inspiration for the book and the 2008 financial crisis

(00:19:26) Concerns about the future and the impact of financial collapse

(00:30:26) Discussion on the role of bitcoin and government control

(00:40:00) The role of gold and gun control in the book

(00:48:59) The idea of utopia and the ending of the book

(00:54:46) Broken incentives in society

(00:55:30) Pros and cons of local governance

(00:57:47) Exodus from high tax states

(01:00:02) Bitcoin as a solution for convenience and accountability

(01:04:22) Bitcoin as a solution for lack of property rights and seizure resistance

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