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18 November 2023

CD114: Circular Economies with Coinos

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CD114: Circular Economies with Coinos

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PRICE: 2746 sats per dollar
TOPICS: merchant adoption, keeping it simple by reducing friction, custodial risk, liquid adoption

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(00:01:00) Introduction of guests: Adam, founder of CoinOS, and Cole, head of business development

(00:02:00) History and evolution of CoinOS

(00:03:20) Discussion on the adoption and usage of Liquid and the challenges it faces

(00:11:31) Focus of CoinOS on merchant adoption and its features

(00:19:35) Strategies for merchant adoption and the importance of community support

(00:36:13) Lessons learned from the merchant adoption process

(00:44:25) Cold calling as a strategy for onboarding merchants

(00:45:01) Bitcoin meetups during COVID lockdowns

(00:46:28) Custodial lightning wallets and self custody

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