Citadel Dispatch

Citadel Dispatch

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13 September 2023

CD110: Bitcoin Park Party Rip with Harry, Sahil, and Josh

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CD110: Bitcoin Park Party Rip with Harry, Sahil, and Josh

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TOPICS: drivechains, sale, barry silbert, fortress trust acquired by ripple, trusted third parties are security holes, steak tips

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(00:01:00) Introduction to the podcast

(00:02:30) Discussion about Nashville maximalism and moving to Nashville

(00:04:47) Debate about drive chains and the risks involved

(00:42:30) The risks of high transaction fees in Bitcoin

(00:43:05) The benefits of using multisig for large balances

(00:45:03) The potential game theory issues with significantly higher fees in certain blocks

(01:18:33) Accelerationist thinking and jurisdictional restrictions

(01:19:41) Interpretations of laws and lobbying

(01:21:19) Governance and change

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