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31 August 2023

CD109: Bank Run on Binance? with Dylan LeClair

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CD109: Bank Run on Binance? with Dylan LeClair

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TOPICS: concerns around binance, implications of potential ETFs, macro environment, nostr is the future

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(00:01:26) Introduction and discussion of Binance

(00:03:20) Concerns about Binance and its impact on the market

(00:18:03) Comparison of Binance to other exchanges and the issue of rehypothecation

(00:36:42) Binance's accounting practices and potential asset liability mismatches

(00:37:27) The regulatory challenges and potential legal actions against Binance

(00:39:40) The role of Tether and stablecoins in the regulatory scrutiny of Binance

(01:12:22) Bitcoin correlation with equity markets

(01:19:14) Borrowing against Bitcoin

(01:25:12) BlackRock's interest in Bitcoin

(01:45:48) Receiving lightning on custodial wallets

(01:46:31) Pain points on the app side

(01:47:11) Elon's vision of social and financial surveillance

(01:47:26) Primal app and its features

(01:48:39) Different Bitcoin clients and their features

(01:49:33) Using Nostr instead of Twitter

(01:50:40) The potential of Nostr and its integrations

(01:53:04) Final thoughts on Bitcoin and Nostr

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