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21 July 2023

CD107: 40 Day Fast with Russell Okung

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CD107: 40 Day Fast with Russell Okung

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(00:00:32) Introduction and gratitude for audience support

(00:01:09) Ways to support the podcast

(00:01:30) Boostograms and new live chat

(00:02:44) Supporting the show through subscriptions and reviews

(00:03:39) Gratitude for live show attendees

(00:05:24) Introduction of guest, Russell Okung

(00:06:12) Russell Okung's transition out of football

(00:09:01) Russell Okung's 40-day fast and its purpose

(00:15:19) Russell Okung's current diet

(00:25:10) The importance of community and family

(00:32:43) The role of tribes and local communities

(00:39:46) The significance of the kitchen and communal meals

(00:46:07) The impact of social media addiction and the desire to protect children

(00:48:28) The benefits of taking a break from technology

(00:49:00) The importance of finding ways to have fun and be more present

(00:52:15) The challenges and benefits of fasting

(00:58:12) The different perspectives on medical science and the need for more research

(01:08:08) The discussion around ordinals and the balance between freedom and malicious actors

(01:26:09) The potential of Nostr and the importance of open protocols

(01:32:06) The need for more leadership and creativity in the space

(01:33:48) The purpose of Okung's Fast and the feedback received

(01:34:24) Mimicking and mining the bitcoin network

(01:35:02) Considering leading a 21-day bitcoin fast

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