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01 June 2023

CD104: Bitcoin 2023 Debrief with Christian Keroles

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CD104: Bitcoin 2023 Debrief with Christian Keroles

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TOPICS: Bitcoin 2023 Review, Looking Forward to Bitcoin 2024 in Nashville

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(00:01:13) Supporting Dispatch through donations and podcasting apps

(00:07:07) Positive feedback and improvements at the Bitcoin conference

(00:18:38) The importance and execution of the News Desk

(00:29:00) The location and significance of the Open Source Stage

(00:37:32) Disappointment with the number of tickets given away for the contributor program

(00:38:09) Expanding the open source ticket program to all events

(00:38:37) The presence of Nostr projects at the event

(01:12:57) The challenges of making obvious recommendations

(01:14:14) Managing appearance and feedback on social media

(01:16:19) Responsibility and accountability

(01:50:23) Bitcoin events in Nashville

(01:51:15) Benefits of living in Nashville

(01:52:52) Bitcoin conference in Nashville

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