Citadel Dispatch

Citadel Dispatch

An interactive live show about bitcoin and freedom tech. Funded by our audience. No ads or sponsors.

18 March 2024


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Originally recorded in 2022 in front of a live audience at Bitcoin Park in Nashville.

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(00:00:00) Introduction to Bitcoin and its simplicity

(00:00:27) Ease of use and benefits of using Bitcoin

(00:01:08) Comparison of credit card fees and chargebacks with Bitcoin

(00:01:45) Bitcoin as an empowering tool for individuals

(00:02:11) Bitcoin's fixed supply and potential for increased purchasing power

(00:03:19) Bitcoin as open source code and its resistance to change

(00:04:42) Bitcoin as a decentralized and permissionless form of money

(00:05:54) Bitcoin as a savings vehicle and the perversion of its narrative

(00:09:26) Challenges with centralized entities and the concept of a circular economy

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